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kerbrail system


Designed for use across disability ramps, transitions and walkways

About Flexalyte®

The Flexalyte Kerbrail System is designed for use across disability ramps, transitions and walkways, with a flexible joining system to cater for all angles.

Pre-engineered and preconfigured for compliance with Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2009, the Flexalyte Kerbrail System is 68% lighter with substantially less flex than traditional alternatives.* Manufactured from marine grade structural aluminium for corrosion resistance with superior thermal contraction or expansion properties, the Flexalyte Kerbrail System can be retrofitted to existing barriers, or configured with Assistrail handrails and Conectabal balustrades.

Why use Flexalyte®?

The Flexalyte Kerbrail System offer significant benefits over traditionally welded alternatives.

Proprietary designs are pre-engineered for structural integrity
Marine grade structural aluminium for enhanced corrosion protection
Modular, no-weld components for simple and fast assembly
68% lighter with substantially less flex than traditional alternatives
Simply retrofitted to existing barriers, or configured with Assistrail and Conectabal
Easily repaired, modified or extended with Off-the-shelf parts
For new projects, retrofitting or upgrades
Eliminate design and fabrication costs, hot works permits and site shut-downs
Flat pack delivery for difficult access areas
Reduced safety risk for installer / public
Flush connection points for a smoother, safer finish
Standard and fire stair handrail or balustrade options
Designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand building codes and standards
Off the shelf options, coating and paint finishes available
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Modular flexibility

Modular system designs adapt to on-site conditions with the flexibility to retrofit, replace broken sections or can disassemble when no longer required.

Available ex-stock

All standard system configurations are available ex-stock from our extensive catalogue for immediate flat pack delivery across Australia and New Zealand.

Flat pack delivery

Flat pack delivery of all components, fixtures and fitting direct to site eliminates delivery of bulky items to site and the need for specialist transport and cranage.

No-weld assembly

No-weld assembly of components eliminates the need for hot works permits and site shutdowns to deliver a safer, quicker set-up and installation with little or no damage to galvanizing.

Reduced corrosion

Hot dip galvanized components assembled with stainless steel fixtures and fittings reduces corrosion from welding, cutting and grinding.

BIM & CAD support

In-house CAD, BIM and technical design support for more complex projects, with AutoCAD and Revit file downloads available for layout and ordering.

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