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Toeboard - Why do I need it?
Posted On Jan 27, 2016

Toeboard - Why do I need it?

Toeboard - Why do I need it?

Toeboard is required on a railing whenever it would be potentially hazardous for an object to fall from the edge. Ask this basic question: "If my hammer were to fall at this edge, could it hit a person or any dangerous machinery?" If "yes", you need toeboard. 

Toeboard Compliance for AS 1657 Applications

A toeboard system is to be installed on walkways where;

  • there is no permanent structure with 10mm of the edge
  • an object could fall to where persons have access to the area below the walkway.

 For a toeboard system to be compliant;

  • it must have a gap no greater than 10mm between the underside of the toeboard and the walkway
  • the toeboard shall not be less than 100mm above the floor.

Download this compliance tip for your own record

The Moddex Tuffgard Toeboard CAD drawing below demonstrates compliance with AS 1657

Available off-the-shelf for immediate flat pack delivery across Australia and New Zealand. 

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