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About Moddex  

Engineered to exceed Australian and international standards, Moddex proprietary designs have transformed the construction, maintenance and upgrade of infrastructure through modular, no-weld innovations. 

 Demand for our products spans public and private enterprise. Our systems deliver increased safety, cost benefits and long-term investment solutions.


Moddex places safety at a premium across our internal operations and as a core driver of our research and design initiatives.

At the heart of every Australian Standard, safety is key. All Moddex products are designed to exceed Australian Standards requirements. Through the Moddex no-weld advantage; we have advanced safety conditions for installers with the elimination of toxic fumes, along with the safety risks that present with welded installations in wet areas.


Meeting the challenge of protecting our precious environment drives our research and design endeavours.

Our no-weld system technology eliminates carbon emissions during installation; our flat-pack delivery method eliminates the need for large trucks and cranes, reducing pollution.

The longevity and performance of our products reduces waste and landfill. A Green Policy that aims to reduce the environmental impact of our operations governs our daily activities. Energy saving procedures, fabrication and warehousing efficiencies, stringent recycling procedures and the reduction of carbon emissions contribute to our greener outlook on business.


Strong leadership and bold vision foster a culture united in delivering on the needs of the industries we serve.

We are passionate about continual product enhancements through considered research, design innovation and superior manufacturing practices.

As industry leaders, we take pride in the longevity of our products, the advancements we have made for safer installations, the development of Australia’s first corrosion protection guarantee and our continued support for the BIM revolution.


Working in partnership with local charitable organisations, Moddex supports the following local hospitals, research centres, local flood and fire appeals through community fundraising initiatives:

  • Saint Vincent De Paul
  • The Cancer Council of Australia
  • The Country Fire Authority
  • The Heart Foundation
  • The Red Cross
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital

Advisory Board

The Moodex Advisory Board has a breadth of management experience, in conjunction with building, construction and financial experience. 

Robert Kininmonth

Robert has a passion for working with dynamic leadership teams and guiding them through the process of establishing a powerful strategic framework to deliver sustainable growth and value. He draws on a suite of tools and 25 years of experience working for local & multi-national companies. He has held senior roles in sales, marketing, brand and business management in a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, agribusiness, FMCG and professional services. He has owned companies and practiced as a business consultant and advisor. Today Robert coaches leadership teams and forms advisory boards for a select number of businesses who commit to excelling in their chosen market.

Robert is currently an advisor and facilitator with Somerset Capital and a director of Scaling Up Advisory. He is a trained and certified Gazelles International business & executive coach utilising the Scaling Up™ methodology, a proven system used by thousands of growth companies throughout the world. As a member of Gazelles International, a worldwide, premier business development & coaching association, Robert's clients benefit significantly from his ability to tap into a vast international network focused on driving growth and value.

Peter Hubbard

Experienced and qualified Senior Advisor with a background in Aviation and Automotive manufacturing and demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry.

Skilled in: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Management Consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions . Strong community professional with a particular interest in exporting.

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Why Use Moddex Systems?  

Modular flexibility

Modular system designs adapt to on-site conditions with the flexibility to retrofit, replace broken sections or can disassemble when no longer required.

Available ex-stock

All standard system configurations are available ex-stock from our extensive catalogue for immediate flat pack delivery across Australia and New Zealand.

Flat pack delivery

Flat pack delivery of all components, fixtures and fitting direct to site eliminates delivery of bulky items to site and the need for specialist transport and cranage.

No-weld assembly

No-weld assembly of components eliminates the need for hot works permits and site shutdowns to deliver a safer, quicker set-up and installation with little or no damage to galvanizing.

Reduced corrosion

Hot dip galvanized components assembled with stainless steel fixtures and fittings reduces corrosion from welding, cutting and grinding.

BIM & CAD support

In-house CAD, BIM and technical design support for more complex projects, with AutoCAD and Revit file downloads available for layout and ordering.


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